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maple wood
The Maple (Maple Wood), is a genus of trees or shrubs with the scientific name "Acer" and is used in furniture, in construction and architectural applications, the manufacture of musical instruments, as a decorative plant, etc. The species of maple exceed one hundred.Species thrive in Northern and Central Europe, on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, Asia and Northeastern America.The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada and representation lies at the center of the flag country.


ebony wood
The Ebony (Ebony Wood) is a type of wood that is almost black, compact and hard. Usually comes from trees of the genus (Diospyros) and grows mainly in South Asia and West Africa. Modern uses of ebony mostly limited to small objects, especially parts of musical instruments, such as the black keys of the piano, the violin sections of viola, guitar etc .. Traditionally, the black pieces in chess made of ebony and white by ivory ..


The Verawood (Bulnesia) is a wood that comes from the genus of the family of flowering plants (Zygophyllaceae) .Thriving in South and Central America and ranks among the most durable woods in the world. The material is very thick, highly rigid, and is mainly used for making tools, vessels and musical instruments. Furthermore, oil obtained is used as a component in perfumes.


Bamboo (Bamboo) is a plant of vamvousia group (Bambuseae) and family Pooeidon (Poaceae). It is a plant with a height of up to 40 meters and grows in deep fertile grounds.It includes around 200 species and thrives in Asia, America and Africa. Used today mainly for building rafts, as construction timber, and as a decorative plant. Also,is the main animal feed as the giant panda.


The Rosewood (Rosewood) belongs to the genus (Dalbergia) and grows in Southeast Asia and Africa and in South America. The wood of the rosewood is hard and compact and is used to make furniture, musical instruments, luxury flooring and several other microfabrication such as billiard cues, pens, black chess pieces, etc.)


The name Zebrawood used to describe various types of trees and wood that derived from them.Main source of this wood is the Microberlinia brazzavillensis that grows in Central and Western Africa.Zebrawood is used in furniture, the flooring and walls but also as decorative exotic wood.
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